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About BlackStrap, Inc


BlackStrap, Inc. is a family owned and operated Procurement, Logistics Management, and Truck Dispatch company located in Neligh, Nebraska. President Ted Hughes oversees the business operations and the sale of Bulk Road De-icing Products. Two sons,Nathan and Alex along with Marsha Hart manage load procurement, scheduling, and dispatch of our fleet and outside carriers to fulfill delivery requirements across multiple bulk industry sectors.

Bulk De-icing Products
BlackStrap, Inc started merchandising Bulk De-Icing Salt back in 2008 to The State of Nebraska. Since then, volume output as expanded to include City, County, and State entities in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois. In addition to servicing these agencies, BlackStrap also specializes in Pre-scheduled and Just-In-Time deliveries of various De-Icing Products to private industries such as Snow Removal Companies, Regional Wholesalers, and direct to location for Large Scale Property Management. 

These products include:
  • Regular 92-97% Road De-Icing Salt (+18 F)
  • BlackStrap Ice B Gone Magic Salt (-35 F)
  • 98% Pure Evaporated De-Icing Salt
  • Brining Saly with Calcium Chloride Flakes (-15 F)
  • Custom Salt/Sand Mixes of 50/50, 75/25, and 25/75
  • 50lb Bags of BlackStrap Ice B Gone Magic Treated Salt
  • Ice B Gone Liquid Brine and Salt Brine Blends (-5 F to -45 F

All deliveries are scheduled and executed by the BlackStrap Logistics Team in order to meet our customer's inventory needs.

See our De-Icing Product Page for more info. 

BlackStrap, Inc offers freight delivery management services utilizing an inhouse transportation fleet as well as multiple outside logistical options to better serve our customers economically. Blackstrap, Inc. manages 25 grain hopper units that operate throughout the Midwest and surrounding areas. Over the past 8 years in operation, BlackStrap has extensive experience in hauling Road Salt, Grain, Pet and Livestock Feed Components, Frac Sand, Aggregates, Vegetables, Seed, Organics, and many others. BlackStrap effectively manages large and small sized procurement and delivery contracts, ranging from the individual farm operations up to multiple State Road Departments year round. An extensive list of qualified carrier partners allow us to service customers with larger contracts and expanded bulk needs. 

If you feel that any of our services could be utilized to improve your overall operations with reliable freight and logistics management, please contact us about we can do for you. We look forward to developing a great working relationship with you and your company.

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