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BlackStrap De-ICing Products

Premium treated Magic Salt, Economy Bulk Road Rock Salt, EZ-Brine Salt, & Liquid Super Brine Options

BlackStrap, Inc combines ease of procurement And reliable logistics to provide dependable Bulk De-Icing Salt Products straight to your desired location. Our Truck Fleet has the capability to quickly deliver to areas in NE, SD, MT, ND, MN, WI, IA, MO, and IL. It will arrive to your facilities in grain trailers that carry approx. 50,000 lbs per load. Our transportation services deliver when you need it, whether that is Immediately or on an ongoing schedule throughout the season. Our office staff and drivers stay in contact 100% of time to ensure delivery is executed correctly. Contracts can range from just 1 load up to much larger arrangements depending on product availability and time of year. 

Our salt is Sourced and Mined in the United States of America

Call or Email with any questions, for more information, or for a Delivery Quote. 

Alex Hughes- (402) 887 5652 Email: 

   You can also submit a request at the bottom of the page and you will receive a quote back ASAP.


BlackSlicer Magic Salt


  • Made from Vodka byproducts that Naturally Fight and Prevent Corrosion -no additives 
  • When SPECIFICALLY mixed with Mag Chloride- Numerous Magic Reactions happen
  • The 25 year Patent limits the rest of industry to 3% sugar--(Beet Juice Mixes,Corn Products, ect)
  • Using more sugar and carbs, it produces Thermogenic Reactions that push the working temp to -35F
  • Vodka Byproducts + MagChl = Buffer to Metals using natural ingredients, 80% less than Salt
  • Cuts regular salt use by 30-50% with better working ingredients, longer residual performance
  • BlackSlicer Magic Salt is ideally used after storms for De-Icing in conjunction Liquid BlackSlicer Anti-Icing pre-storm applications that prevent the snow, ice, and hard pack from freezing to pavement.
  • Breaks HardPack, Drys Dry after De-Icing with residual product working on next storm
  • Organic, Pet Friendly, and safe in proximity to Grass, Flower Bed, Curbside areas.
  • Perfect for Parking Lots, Side Walks, and Roadways. Saves culvert wear and sand clean up.
  • 1/3 Less Usage = 30% Less Labor Time, Equipment Usage, Fuel, and Wear/Tear.  
  • Only one of Few to be EPA APPROVED.
  • Applies at 350 lbs per Lane Mile (Rock salt 800-1000 lbs)        
Use 1/3 less (66%)
Ex. $75 x 100 tons Plain Salt = $7,500 vs. $110 x 66 tons BlackSlicer Magic Salt= $7,260

BlackSlicer Magic Salt
    $115/ton Pickup Neligh, Ne 68756 

Can Quote Delivery 
(Bulk 25-27 Ton Truckload)

 - 35 F Working temp (Rock Salt +18 F)
- Apply 1/3 less, Fast Acting, Lasts Longer 
 - Brown in Color, Smells like Soy Sauce     
 - Orders from 25 up to 10,000 tons 
 - Onsite Stockpile Treating Available at Your Location

    BlackSlicer Liquid Magic

$3.59/Gallon in 250 Gallon Totes
$3.45/Gallon Bulk 1500-4200 Gal.

 - -45 F Working Temp
 - Vodka Byproduct w/Mag Chloride
 - Natural Corrosion Inhibitor 
 - 25 Gallon/ Acre or 0.6 Gallons/1000 SqFt
 - Safe for New Concrete
 - Tanker Load Discounts
 - Mix with Salt Brine at 20%
 - Makes 1250 Gallons of 80/20                        
 - Plastic Tote $50 Deposit

BlackSlicer Magic Commercial 80/20 Mix

$1.35/Gallon in 250 Gallon Totes
$1.25/Gallon- Bulk 500-4500 Gal.

- Pick up Neligh, Ne or Quote Delivery
- Applies at 40 Gal. per Acre- 1 Gal/1000sqft
- Works to -5 F Parking lots/Sidwalks
- 80% Salt Brine, 20% BlackSlicer Liquid
- Ideally used as an Anti-Icer before Snow
- Custom Blends Available
- Tanker Load Discounts
- Economical and 80% less corrosive
- Plastic Tote $50 Deposit 

BlackSlicer Magic Salt (-35) 
         2500 Lb Totes- 1.25 Tons

- Works to -35 F. work Temp (Rock Salt +18F) 
- Drawstring open top and Drawstring Duffel Bottom w/Plastic Liner for Moisture Protection
- Perfect for Small Storage Situations
- Pick Up Neligh, NE 68756 
- Pallet and Tote Bag Included in Price
- Apply at 1/3 Less at 350 lbs/ Acre

$145/ton or $181.25/ToteWholesale Price: 54 Totes or More in Season- Pickup/ Quote Del.
$155/ton or $193.75/Tote-Truckload Price:Picked Up or Quote Delivery (18 Totes-22.5 Tons)
$165/ton or $206.25/ToteRetail Price: Less than Truck Load Pick-Up or Can Quote Delivery

BlackSlicer Magic SIDEWALK Salt (-22F
              2500 Lb Totes 1.25 Tons

- Works to -22 F. work Temp (Rock Salt +18F) 
- Drawstring open top and Drawstring Duffel Bottom w/Plastic Liner for Moisture Protection
- Works Great on Sidewalks and for Small Spreaders
- Limited Quantity
- Pallet and Tote Bag Included in Price

$180/ton -Truckload Picked Up or Quote Delivery  (18 Totes 22.5 Tons)
$190/ton -Less than Truck Load Pick Up or Can Quote Delivery

Delivery Prices for Truck Loads of 18 Pallets or Half Truck Loads of 8 Pallets:

Combinations of Pallets of 50 lb Bags, 40 lb Buckets, 2500 Lb Tote Sacks, or 250 Gal Totes

Sioux City, Ne               Truckload $450/18 Pallets        Half Truck Load $25/Pallet
Omaha Metro                Truckload $615/18 Pallets        Half Truck Load $45/Pallet
Lincoln Metro               Truckload $615/18 Pallets        Half Truck Load $45/pallet
Grand Island, Ne Area Truckload $425/18 Pallets        Half Truck Load $28/Pallet
Hastings, Ne Area        Truckload $525/18 Pallets        Half Truck Load $33/Pallet 







BlackSlicer Magic Sidewalk Salt (-22F)

      50 LB Bags with 49 per Pallet

         18 Pallets = 882 Bags

$12.30/Bag In Neligh, NE
      See Delivery 

 - Works to -22 F 
 - Convenient 50 LB Bags 
 - 80% Less Corrosive than Regular Rock Salt
         For Retail Stores: 
                Call for Pricing
  • 54 Pallet Commitment
  • Discounted Rates
  • Sells at $16-17/Bag Retail Price
  • Delivered Straight to Sales Location 

$30-50/ton Depending on Distance

Alex 402-887-5652 or

BlackStrap Economy Bulk Road Salt 

    - Effective Working Temp of 15ºF Surface Temp

- 800-1000 Lbs per Lane Mile 

                           - 92-97% Pure Sodium Chloride                             

- Economy Grade for cost effectiveness 

    - 25-28 Tons Delivered Per Load     

                               -1/4"-3/8" Road Grade                                   

                                           - Sourced and Mined in the USA by Proud US Miners

        $90/ton FOB Neligh, NE 68756
       Submit a Request for Delivered Quote

        (Sales Tax May apply, see base delivery costs at bottom of page)




$60/ton FOB Neligh, Ne 68756 
(Delivered Quotes Available)

- 92-97% Granular Salt 

- Brines Faster that Road Grade Salt  

- Cheaper than Regular Road Salt  


Morton Fact Action Ice Melt De-Icer or Brine Salt 

- 98% Pure Salt- Smaller Granualar Size Quicker Brining
- Blended with Calcium Chloride Flakes (8-10%)
- Effective to -15º F Surface Temperature
- Instantly Starts Working on Contact
- For End Use Only-No Resale


    $250 /SKID Picked up or can Deliver 
         25 Lb bags / 100 per pallet 
             (Sales Tax May apply, see base delivery costs at bottom of page)

    50% BlackStrap Economy Bulk Salt & 
            50% Dried Sand
  • Add traction to Ice while De-Icing at +18 F
  • More Cost effective than Straight Rock Salt
  • Decrease amount of Sodium Chloride used
  • Custom Blends with any Salt or Treated Salt Available upon request

                $60/ton + Delivery Cost  
       (Sales Tax May apply, see base delivery costs at bottom of page)


               Dried Sand For Mixing                                           Gravel For Mixing 

Delivery FROM NELIGH, NE to Major Cities. FOB Price Above  

Peak Season Delivery Rates per Ton (Below) + FOB Product Price (Above) = Total Price 

Rock Salt, Road Salt ,Treated Salt, Sodium Chloride, Custom Salt Gravel Sand Fine Chip Mixes, Magnesium Chloride Brine, Salt Brine, Ice B Gone Brine, Bagged Ice Melt, Bagged De-Icer 

Nebraska Iowa South Dakota North Dakota Wisconsin Minesota
Omaha, Ne $25T Sioux City, IA Sioux Falls, SD $15/T Fargo, ND $32/T Green Bay, WI Minneapolis, MN $44/T
Lincoln, Ne $25/T Spencer, IA Rapid City, Sd $35/T Jamestown, ND $30/T Appleton, WI  St. Cloud, MN $44/T
S.  Sioux City, NE Spirit Lake, IA Mitchell, SD Bismarck, Nd $35/T Fond du lac, WI  Mankato, MN $36/T
Gretna, NE Fort Dodge, IA Pierre, SD Dickinson, Nd $42/T Oshkosh, WI  Rochester, MN $39/T
York, NE Des Moines, IA  Chamberlain, SD Wahpeton, ND Marinette, WI Owatonna, MN $37/T
Grand Island,NE Onawa, IA Brookings, SD Grand Forks, ND Sheboygan, WI  Albert Lea, MN $38/T
Kearney, NE Ames, IA Watertown, SD Bowman, ND Kenosha, WI  Blue Earth, MN $36/T
Valentine, NE Shenandoah, IA Aberdeen,SD Richardton, ND Racine, WI  Fairmont, MN $36/Ton
North Platte, NE Osceola, IA Mobridge, SD Minot, ND Miwaukee, WI  Worthington, MN $25/T
Sidney, NE Ottumwa, IA Huron, SD Williston, ND Menomonee Falls, WI  Pipestone, MN $26/T
Morrill, NE Oskaloosa, IA Yankton, SD Devils Lake, ND Madison, WI  Slayton, MN $26/T
ScottsBluff, NE Newton, IA Vermillion, SD Carrington, ND Coloma, WI Marshall, MN $30/T
Hastings , NE Waterloo, IA  Deadwood, SD Drayton, ND Janesville, WI  Redwood Falls, MN $33/Ton
Columbus, NE Mason City, IA  Sturgis, SD Rugby, ND Mineral Point, WI Olivia, MN $34/T
Norfolk, NE Iowa City, IA Spearfish, SD Watford City, ND Prairie du Chien, WI  Montevideo, MN $33/T
Gothenburg, NE Cedar Rapids, IA Tea, SD Hillsboro, ND La Crosse, WI  Ortonville, MN $35/T
Chadron, NE Emmetsburg, IA Madison, SD Tappen, ND Wisconsin Dells, WI Wilmar, MN $37/T
Mccook, NE Denison, IA Redfield, SD Beach, ND Antigo, WI  Alexandria, MN $40/T
Beatrice, NE Marshalltown, IA Milbank, SD Garrison, ND Wausau, WI  Bemidji, Mn $55/T
Fremont, NE  Rock Valley, IA  Beresford, SD Strasburg, SD Marshfield, WI  Sauk Centre, MN $43/T
Plover, WI  Fergus Falls, MN
Stevens Point, WI Brainerd, MN
Eau Claire, WI  Detroit Lakes, MN
Menomonie, WI  Moorehead, MN
Black River Falls, WI Mahnomen, MN
Tomah, WI  Crookston, MN
Baldwin, WI  Bloomington, MN
Ellsworth, WI  Minnetonka, MN
Osseo, WI  Thief River Falls, MN
Barron, WI Luverne, MN
Rice, WI  Hutchinson, MN
Lake Park, WI Monticello, MN
Abbotsford, WI Forest Lake, MN
Ripon, WI Benson, MN
Mauston, WI New Ulm, MN
Sparta, WI Windom, MN
Brodhead, WI Wadena, MN
Tomahawk, WI Morris, MN
Three Lakes, WI Austin, MN
Shawano, WI St. Paul, MN
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BULK: BlackStrap Economy Road Salt and Sand/Gravel Mixes (+18 F)
BlackStrap Ice B Gone Premium Magic Salt and Sand/Gravel Mixes (-35 F)
BULK: BlackStrap Lighting Melt Treated Salt and Sand/Gravel Mixes (-20 F)
Liquid Tote and Tanker Loads-Ice B Gone Straight Juice & 80% Salt Brine 20% Ice B Gone

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